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About Us

We are an Edmonton-based small business renting dresses, costumes and accessories. We are passionate about sustainable fashion and love to play dress up. Let us help you find the perfect look for your next event!

How it Works:

1. Browse our website or social media feeds for your next party dress.  See something you like? Contact us with your event date and any questions.  Alternatively, if you have an occasion coming up, let us know your size and a bit about what you're looking for (Formal? Sexy? Long? Short? Colour? Vintage?) and we can pull some looks. 

2. Schedule a time to come for try-ons and pick up. Fittings are by appointment at our showroom in Central McDougall, typically evenings and weekends. 

3. Dress rental fee will be charged on booking and will secure your rental if it is for a future date. Rentals are for a week and additional weeks can be added at half price (say, if you're renting a dress for a trip). 

4. Dress rental fees start at $15/week and are based on dress value and cleaning requirements and include standard cleaning. The cost of any repairs or stains requiring special cleaning will be charged to you. If you do not return the dress you will be charged the replacement value. 

5. The fun part - enjoy your dress! Tell your friends when you get all those compliments and remember to tag @thedresslibrary_yeg !

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