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Listen to this episode of Becoming Less, a local podcast about the journey to less waste, less impact, less consumption and less clutter, talking about dress rental as a way to reduce waste. 

Check out this article from local slow fashion and sustainable living blog, My Green Closet, on 4 reasons to rent your formal dresses 

Watch Allison's interview with Every Woman Empowered Canada. We talk about how the Dress Library came to be, the benefits of renting, and our favourite fashion divas.


Read our feature on Practically Minimal. Learn about how dress rental is the perfect compliment to a minimalist wardrobe. 

Check out this eco-friendly styled shoot we participated in with some amazing Edmonton vendors. Renting your bridal looks is a great way to minimize the environmental impact of your wedding. Learn some more ideas in this feature article in West Coast Weddings: 

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